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Chloe Suzanne Jordan

- Guest Support Supervisor

Meet Chloe, the multitasking maestro at our salon. As our receptionist, she's the welcoming face that ensures your salon experience starts on a positive note. Chloe seamlessly manages salon operations, keeping everything running smoothly with her organizational prowess. Her keen eye for detail extends to inventory management, ensuring that our shelves are stocked with the finest products for your beauty needs. But Chloe's talents don't stop there—she's also the creative force behind our content creation. From social media updates to promotional materials, Chloe adds her touch of flair to showcase the best of our salon. Her passion for aesthetics and communication shines through in every piece of content she crafts. With Chloe at the helm of reception, operations, inventory, and content creation, she's the heartbeat of our salon, ensuring not only a seamless experience for clients but also a visually stunning representation of our brand. Step into our salon and let Chloe make every aspect of your visit extraordinary.

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