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Hydrafacial Services

How Does a Keravive Hydrafacial Work on Your Scalp?

Our unique suction technique is used in this first-of-its-kind scalp facial to promote healthy scalp function and organic hair growth.

  • Light suction and exfoliation are used to stimulate and open hair follicles.

  • Replenishes the skin around the cleansed follicles with moisture and peptides.


How Does a Hydrafacial Produce Great-Looking Skin?

Dead skin cells are removed from the surface of your face using suction and an exfoliating tip from the Hydrafacial instrument. Serums are absorbed into the skin once the skin has been exfoliated, she claims. The main factor cited by supporters for its efficacy is the final step. The only hydra-dermabrasion treatment that uses patented technology to wash, extract, and moisturize skin is a Hydrafacial. A new layer of skin is revealed with the Hydrafacial thanks to its gentle exfoliation and soothing resurfacing.

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