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Our Loyalty Program

We reward clients through our loyalty programme with points or perks. And in exchange, customers can use their points to get deals, freebies, incentives, or access to exclusive benefits. The objective is to increase client trust. Through exclusive discounts, loyalty programmes enable us to keep our most valuable clients. They can also collect vital marketing data, boost referrals, and do other things.

You will earn 3% off on your total bill.

You can use your loyalty point to get discounts on services & products.

(100 points = $1)

Referral Program

We will reward you when you will introduce a brand-new customer who makes a purchase. Customers who appreciate our products and services and take the time to tell their friends and family about us get something in return. Additionally, it makes them more devoted customers for our company. By referring additional prospective consumers, those new customers can also receive referral benefits.

Refer a friend to us and both of you will receive a 15% discount.


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