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Savannah Rasberry.jpg

Savanah Rasberry

Introducing Savanah, our multifaceted hairstylist at Hair Etc! Specializing in a range of cuts, from men's styles to chic bobs and flowing long layers, Savanah brings versatility and flair to every haircut. As a skilled colorist, she adds vibrant dimensions to hair, creating personalized looks that reflect individual styles. Savanah's expertise extends to curly hair, making her the go-to specialist for enhancing natural curls. With a passion for enhancing natural textures, Savanah brings expertise and artistry to every curly hair session. From defining curls to creating stunning curly hairstyles, she is dedicated to bringing out the unique beauty in each curl. With a passion for both precision and creativity, Savanah crafts hairstyles that not only align with current trends but also celebrate each client's unique personality. Book with Savanah for a transformative experience that encompasses a variety of styles and expert techniques.

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