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Pollution Neutralizing Facial

In today's world, pollution is everywhere, and it can take a toll on our skin. From smog and chemicals to harsh weather conditions, it's important to protect our skin and keep it healthy. That's why Hair Etc. Salon & Spa in Tuscaloosa is proud to offer our Pollution Neutralizing Facial.

This luxurious treatment is specifically designed to protect and repair skin from the damage caused by pollution. Our expert estheticians will start with a deep cleansing to remove impurities and toxins, followed by a gentle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells. Next, we will perform extractions to clear out any clogged pores, followed by a relaxing massage to help improve circulation.

The highlight of this treatment is the application of our exclusive Pollution Neutralizing Mask. This specially formulated mask contains powerful antioxidants and nourishing ingredients that help neutralize the harmful effects of pollution and protect the skin from future damage. The mask will be left on for several minutes, allowing the ingredients to penetrate deep into the skin and provide maximum benefits.

After the mask is removed, we will complete the treatment with a nourishing moisturizer to hydrate and protect the skin. This treatment is suitable for all skin types, and is particularly beneficial for those living in urban areas or those who are frequently exposed to pollution.

At Hair Etc. Salon & Spa, we use only the highest-quality, environmentally-friendly products to provide you with a spa experience that is both effective and eco-friendly. Our tranquil, relaxing atmosphere will help you escape the stresses of everyday life, leaving you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

So why wait? Book your appointment today and experience the benefits of our Pollution Neutralizing Facial at Hair Etc. Salon & Spa in Tuscaloosa. Your skin will thank you!

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